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Easy Measuring of Green Line Laser Module

Le 13 June 2017, 12:06 dans Humeurs 0

When users are trying to get super clear and super rapid line alignment at different working surfaces, it is just a great challenge for users before selecting a proper line measuring tool. As a result, in current industrial machinery processing work fields, laser tech engineer has never stopped the mind of development of even more applicable used line measuring tool such as green line laser module. When 532nm green DPSS laser system is being equipped with different lens degree made glass coated lens, this laser line generator is just generating different laser beam fan angle, producing different laser line length on various targeting surfaces effectively.

The use of green line laser module is much similar with a green laser pointer since both are projecting similar green laser beam after very easy connection with electric power source. However, on basis of constant technical innovation, when it is being equipped with qualified glass coated lens, it is just getting wide range optic lens degree from 10 degree to 110 degree, which has just made this laser line alignment tool available with different laser line length in use. Formally, after green laser module gets the maximum optic lens degree of 110 degree, it is able to obtain the maximum line length of 6 meters at about 2 meters work distance from laser beam aperture to reach work field.

Owing to its quite high laser beam transmittance, even though green line laser module is pointed at much longer work distance, it is still keeping clear enough laser line source emission. However, once the real line targeting distance is extremely long, green line might become very dim, which is not an ideal choice for clear line alignment any longer. In order to make sure of precise and clear enough line alignment result, the operation of this laser line generator should be properly controlled within 25 meters.

After very easy connect with electric power source and easy installation, green line laser module begins to work immediately. It is keeping direct laser line targeting on any working surface, thus users are always having no need to worry about working environment, such as high height, long distance or hard reaching etc. Noncontact green alignment laser line always takes less than one second time to reach any work surface, making sure of no mistake line alignment precisely and accurately. Anytime green laser module gets the employment of high power up 50Mw, in order to avoid eye damage caused by powerful thermal energy, users should just remember to wear a pair of laser safety glasses until getting the most secured line alignment effectively.

515nm Green Laser Line Generator with Uniform Beam Distribution

Le 2 June 2017, 16:54 dans Humeurs 0

No matter what kind of industrial machinery processing work fields, it is just a quite hard job for users to get clear enough line alignment result easily. However, on basis of quite advanced 515nm green laser diode tech, this direct diode emission line laser alignment tool is just able to get even more stable and reliable green line targeting on different working surfaces. On basis of correct selection of output power and laser lens degree, only if this green laser alignment gets proper adjustment of its laser line targeting direction, it can easily achieve non mistake line alignment result for all kinds of industrial machinery processing and high tech line targeting work fields effectively.

The genuine use of green laser line generator is always special and unique. It is very similar with a formal green laser beam emitting tool of green laser pointer. However, when it is getting different type of optic lens, such as separate crystal lens, it is just able to get high beam uniformity laser line source in use. Whatever kind of targeting surface, green alignment laser line keeps high level of line uniformity as high as 80%. At the same time, green line keeps the same line brightness from its middle part towards both ends, and users also have no need to worry about laser light becoming dim or blur in long term use.

The great work of green laser line generator has just made it workable for various kinds of industrial machinery processing work fields. It is adopting high quality aircraft used aluminum alloy housing, according to its perfect equipment with copper raw material made 515nm green laser diode, this green laser module just gets super nice thermal conductivity and super wide range operating temperature stabilization in process of long term continuous green alignment laser line targeting work. Formally, green laser line targeting is workable within -10 degree to 50 degree Celsius, which has just made this laser line module greatly workable under super harsh working environment.

Owing to its direct laser beam emission, this 515nm green laser line generator is easily obtaining high stability green reference line targeting in distance. however, not the same as any other visible laser devices, on condition that green laser module gets the use of high power of 30mW to 50mW green laser diode, it should be equipped with quite higher operating voltage of 8.4V DC input power supply so as to support its high thermal emission in continuous line alignment work. At the same time, it is never a kidding work for users to operate this industrial alignment laser, only if users are obeying basic laser safety measures and remember to wear a pair of laser safety glasses, it can easily achieve no mistake line alignment perfectly.

Infrared Laser Diode Module with Focusable Beam Emitting

Le 10 March 2017, 12:57 dans Humeurs 0

While, I would have to confess that the creation of infrared laser diode module is just the greatest innovation part for all kinds of night vision illumination work fields. This is a great creation work on basis of 808nm infrared laser diode tech, on basis of constant innovation and development of more and more practical use of advanced dot aligning device, this infrared laser alignment tool is just developed to make continuous infrared laser dot positioning on various working surfaces. When infrared laser module gets proper equipment with DC input power supply with correct operating voltage, it is just begins to work and generate accurate IR laser dot for all night vision applications.

The use of infrared laser diode module is very simple, but totally different from any other type of visible laser dot alignment tools and manual dot positioning tools etc. It is employing 808nm infrared laser diode, thus it is just projecting invisible IR laser beam and IR laser dot in distance. As a result, this infrared laser alignment tool is just using together with those of night vision devices. For instance, this IR dot laser is just working together with easy installation of CCD camera, black and white camera, and telescope etc. 

Under night vision dot positioning work, infrared laser diode module is just working for accurate IR dot positioning works, including military targeting, telescope observation, hunting gun, and surveillance etc. This infrared laser alignment tool is just an accessory part, while efficient enough to provide a high accuracy IR laser dot positioning for those of night illumination dot positioning works effectively. At the same time, the real IR laser dot targeting is not simply limited for close distance or hand reaching work distance, but always in need of long distance infrared alignment laser dot positioning works effectively.

In order to get accurate enough IR dot positioning in distance, infrared laser diode module is just getting super wide output power range from 5mW to 400mW. Under condition that this infrared laser alignment gets higher output power range of 200mW to 400mW, it is just workable for much longer distance alignment laser dot projection of more than 50 meters to 1000 meters distance. Users should only try to install this infrared laser module on proper night vision device, and take active measures such as wearing a pair of 808nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles until getting secured IR dot aligning use safely.

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