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Rapid measurement with green line laser alignment

Le 6 March 2017, 16:13 dans Humeurs 0

It is just a hard job for users to get a quite satisfied line measurement result unless users are getting a high brightness green line laser alignment. On behalf of the most advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech, this laser line generator is not any longer used as a playing toy with the most popular color, but getting multiple uses in modern time machine processing works. Green laser line is available with high level of line straightness and fineness, while only if green laser module is correctly selected of both output power and laser lens degree, it is just effective enough to gain high level of accuracy line positioning in all working surfaces successfully.

The use of green line laser alignment is not difficult but just operating easy after its connection with external DC input power supply. It is getting easy design of electrical wire connecting tail parts of both 532nm green laser module and DC input power supply. Within 0.5 meters to 3 meters, this green laser line generator is very easy to install, operation and adjust until getting the most satisfied alignment laser line positioning on all working surfaces successfully.

The use of green line laser alignment is just working as an accessory part of industrial machinery or device, which is installed at quit wide range distance, while merely affected by working environments such as operating distance, height and lighting occasion etc. even high tame working surfaces are very hard to reach, however, green line laser module projects noncontact green laser beam, and noncontact green alignment laser line just allowing quite convenient adjustment of targeting direction until getting the most satisfied line positioning result effectively.

In practical purchasing work of green line laser alignment, majority of users would prefer to choose a laser alignment mounting bracket. It has just made this laser line generator obtain super nice thermal conductivity and perfect flexibility in continuous line alignment work. Green laser module is not an adjustable focus line laser, but just designed with 10cm focusable distance. However, of users have special need of beam focus distance, it is only in need to communicate with laser tech engineer so as to get a quite satisfied line laser module as expected. When this industrial alignment laser is getting correct installation and adjustment of laser line targeting direction, it just makes the most wonderful line alignment perfectly.

No mistake aligning of green laser diode module

Le 1 March 2017, 14:29 dans Humeurs 0

How are you able to make sure of no mistake diode t alignment out of your hand reaching work distance? Before you are keeping in touch with high brightness green laser diode module, you might feel it quite hard to achieve required dot alignment accuracy as expected. When users are making dot alignment in practical machinery processing works, dot measuring is very hard to avoid mistakes caused by manual operation. However, until the appearance of green laser dot alignment tool, on basis of its high accuracy and quite compact size green laser dot targeting, tit is just workable for quite long distance dot alignment easily.

The manufacturing of green laser diode module is fully considering its environmental stabilization. For example, it is just able to get continuous green laser dot targeting result once it is giving the adoption of battery power. Not the same as simple alkaline battery power supported green laser pointer, which would have to stop work of laser pointer once it is power off. In prefer to keep continuous dot alignment together with industrial device, such as a laser marking machine, laser engraving machine or drilling device, green laser module has just selected DC input power supply.

When green laser diode module gets wide output power range from 5mw until 100mw, it is just getting different operating voltage of 3v or 4.2v DC power supply. Anytime this green laser module is used for high lighting and long distance, it would be used with higher output power up 50mw, and supported by higher voltage of 4.2v DC input power supply so as to assure its bright and visible enough green alignment laser dot targeting clearly.

It is never a playing joy to operate such green laser diode module, but only allowing operation by skilled users and professionals. After basic laser safety measures treatments and laser measuring rules, once this dot laser alignment tool is getting correct connection with DC input power supply, it begins to work and projects highly visible green light spot on any required work surface. Once extremely intense thermal energy is projecting from high power green laser diode module up 50mw, users shouldn't forget to wear a pair of laser safety glasses. Anytime this alignment laser gets proper adjustment and operation, it can easily bring users the most wonderful dot alignment accuracy and precision.

Easily Installed Pro Red Dot Laser Alignment

Le 15 November 2016, 12:31 dans Humeurs 0

What is your decision to get super clear and accurate enough dot positioning result in distance? It is just not an easy work until users are getting the recommendation of pro red dot laser alignment. The highly bright red laser beam emission from 635nm red laser diode is at least 5 times brighter than 650nm red laser module, while this special 635nm laser diode module is workable with superior advantages of higher lighting and longer distance dot alignment in practical industrial laser use fields.

It is a quite easy work to get clear dot measurement with this advanced laser diode tech applied red dot laser alignment. It is very similar with a red laser pointer, however, owing to the adoption of external DC input power supply, it can just get continuous red laser beam and red laser dot source in real dot measuring work. Once this dot projecting 635nm red laser module gets higher output power from 30mW to 100mW, it is just selecting larger size laser tube with diameter of 26mm, while also selecting even higher operating voltage of 4.2V DC input power supply.

Whatever kind of output power users are selecting, this pro red dot laser alignment is always being used as an industrial dot measuring tool, but not simply limited for simple presentation. The practical dot measuring work from 635nm red laser module is just applied for those of industrial work fields, while the real dot aligning should also be applied in various working environment. When this dot laser alignment gets durable structure design from aircraft used aluminum alloy housing material and copper raw material as its 635nm red laser diode core part, this metal material made red laser diode module is just bearing super wide range operating temperature and making sure of the most efficient thermal emitting performance under all operating fields effectively.

Owing to quite compact structure design with selectable laser tube diameter of 16mm or 26mm, pro red dot laser alignment is just a very easy carrying and operated dot measuring tool. The operation of this dot measuring tool always has no serious limitation of work distance, height and others. When noncontact red laser beam is properly adjusted, with the assistance of mounting bracket, red alignment laser dot can easily reach any working surface. Within three dimension free adjustment of laser beam focus and laser dot targeting direction, this 635nm red laser diode module is getting the lowest power and energy consumption, bringing factory workers or engineers the most convenient and easiest dot aligning result perfectly.

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