It is just a wonderful work to make dot measurement work with green laser diode module. It is just an advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech applied dot measuring tool, which is not only able to get super rapid and accurate dot measuring result, but also enables super wide range applications in those of high tech and industrial inspection works efficiently. Under condition that green laser dot targeting is pointed 24 hours continuously, green laser beam keeps high stability. Users just need to choose correct output power and make proper adjustment of laser beam focus, this dot laser alignment just brings users the most wonderful dot measuring result as expected.

The manufacturing work of green laser diode module is always applied for various industrial working environments. As a result, while it is compared with a simple green laser pointer, it gets much stricter requirement of laser beam stability. In constant dot alignment work, its design would have to pay special attention to thermal stabilization performance.

Instead of formal cooling system, such as water or air cooling, green laser diode module just employs the most advanced designed metal heat sink cooling system. Inside its 16mm or 26mm diameter laser tube, there is always enough space reserving its cooling system. It just gets at least 5 times better thermal emitting than formal cooling. When this dot laser alignment is equipped with internal part of silicon gum, when green laser module is being used in various harsh working environments, green laser dot targeting keeps high stability, getting wonderful performance under all harsh occasions, such as mechanical shocking or calibration etc.

When green laser diode module is being used for constant dot measuring works, it is merely affected by working environments. It employs qualified aircraft used aluminum alloy housing, according to its special treatment of anodizing and oxygenation surface processing, green alignment laser dot targeting just keeps super nice performance. The metal housing made green laser module is not only keeping superior thermal emitting performance, but also getting highly stable dot alignment under wide range environmental temperature efficiently.

However, once sometimes green laser diode module is being used in quite lower operating temperature, it cannot keep bright enough green laser beam immediately. As a result, users should make simple preheating of laser module tube at about 30 second, and then it will recover its bright and visible enough green alignment laser dot targeting as expected. According to exact work distance from laser beam aperture to desired working surfaces, users should try to choose correct output power so as to ensure its highly bright green laser dot positioning clearly.