What would you like to do to get super clear line positioning with quite low production cost? It is the easiest work for users to select economy red line laser alignment. The laser line generator is the most rapid and accurate line measuring tool, beginning to work immediately after its very simple connection with external DC input power supply. Red laser line targeting is always keeping extremely high brightness and beam visibility.

For the most important of all, this economy red line laser alignment keeps the most wonderful line positioning after its correct selection of output power and laser lens degree. Not the same as a very simple square meter or block board, red laser module projects very straight and fine red reference line in distance. When this red laser module is connecting with external DC input power supply, it just keeps super bright and straight red reference line targeting.

The selection of glass cylindrical lens has just made this economy red line laser alignment available with formal Gaussian distribution laser light emission in distance. In quite long distance, red laser line thickness might not be keep super high uniformity, however, this laser line generator is just precise enough to fulfill formal industrial line measuring works. This line laser alignment might be greatly workable in laser cutting machine, industrial inspection, laser car wheel alignment works etc. 

Among a lot of industrial precise line measuring works, economy red line laser alignment always gets the widest use in current textile garment processing works. This clear visible red alignment laser line cannot only be used as an accessory part of cloth cutting machine, but also instructing garment makers to make clear line positioning and line alignment on garment cloths. When this advanced line laser alignment is substituting formal line drawing by manual line tools, it is always making great work to improve work efficiency and greatly reduce extremely heavy labor force spending on garment making works.

In a lot of high tech line alignment works, economy red line laser alignment is always keeping super bright and visible red laser beam emission in very longer distance. Users always need to choose correct output power according to exact work distance and brightness of working environment. At the same time, under condition that users are knowing clearly about of desired laser line length and line thickness, this laser line generator should be selected with correct laser lens degree within 10 to 110 degree. Under correct security measures, any power made line laser alignment can bring users the most wonderful line positioning result as expected.