It is always a hard job for users to get precise enough line alignment before the application of green laser line generator. It gets highly bright green laser beam at quite long distance, when it gets super wide range output power from 5mW to 50mW, it is just able to get quite satisfied line alignment result under all lighting and quite long wide range distance line positioning result as expected. This green laser module is just a super nice choice for all precise machinery processing and industrial inspections works marvelously.

The manufacturing work of green laser line generator is always paying high attention to strong environmental stabilization. When it is getting external electric power source from DC input power supply, green laser line targeting is keeping work continuously. For the most important of all, continuous green laser line alignment is also getting superior performance under all harsh working environment as well. For instance, in advanced military line targeting work, this line laser alignment is bearing super strong interference and static, while still keeping highly stable and reliable green alignment laser line positioning on all targeting surfaces.

The front part of glass cylindrical lens from green laser line generator is always working together with front laser beam aperture of glass window. The real line laser alignment work is just keeping super wonderful protection from those of moisture working occasion, such as heavy rain, water, or fog etc. The laser line alignment work is merely affected, while also getting superior cycling use of laser optical performance in constant laser line aligning operations.

When green laser line generator is getting superior high linear quality green reference line from qualified glass cylindrical lens, even though the real line alignment is processed at much longer distance, it is still efficient enough to keep its precise enough line positioning result as expected. The front laser lens degree is just getting super wide range laser lens degree of 10 to 110 degree, which is just getting different laser beam fan angle and maximum green alignment laser line length as long as 6 meters.

The real green laser line targeting from green laser line generator always keeps super reliable performance at different work distance. Owing to its very compact structure design, it is not very easy to carry, but also enables the easiest installation on any industrial device, easily getting the clearest alignment laser line instruction on all desired raw material surfaces. Within 0.5 meter to 3 meters installation distance, this green line laser module is always very easy to install and adjusted until getting the quite satisfied line positioning result perfectly.