Whenever you are looking for a quite economic cross line measuring solution for those of industrial mechanical processing and industrial inspection works, it is just not a kidding work for users unless the correct selection of cross line measuring tools, such as a red cross laser alignment. Owing to its best adoption of import 650nm red laser diode and qualified glass cylindrical lens, whenever this cross line laser module is being used on various raw material processing surface, cross line laser source is not only clearly visible and bright, but also keeping accurate 90 degrees two perpendicular lines positioning efficiently.

The employment of 650nm red laser diode gets wide output power range of 5mW to 100mW. This economy red cross laser alignment is not only workable for quite longer work distance, but also enables clear and accurate cross line laser source instruction under higher lighting working environments. Under the selection of higher output power range of 30mW to 100mW, red cross line laser is just making great work under higher lighting, while still allowing the quite low production cost in various machinery processing works.

When high power red cross laser alignment is being used in industrial cross line aligning work, it just gets larger size laser tube with diameter of 26mm. Owing to its adoption of durable anodized aluminum alloy housing material and internal copper raw material as its 650nm red laser diode core part, this cross laser alignment tool just keeps the most efficient cooling performance, making sure of the best two perpendicular lines positioning result with accurate 90 degrees.

Once cross line aligning is processed on quite harsh working environment, this thermal conductive red cross laser alignment gets superior wide range operating temperature within -10 to 45 degree Celsius. Under working condition that cross line alignment is processed at super lower operating temperature, it is very necessary for users to make preheating of cross line laser module tube, thus recovering its highly bright and visible red cross line laser source projecting immediately.

When economy red cross laser alignment is workable with heat transfer machine, laser alignment fro screen printing, military targeting and laser medical treatment device etc, it just gets super wonderful result after its correct installation and adjustment of cross line targeting direction. Even though cross line alignment is processed on quite hard reaching work places, within 0.5 meter to 3 meters installation distance, users can try to install this cross laser alignment tool on any vertical or horizontal working surfaces, thus easily getting accurate 90 degree red cross line sources precisely.