While, I would have to confess that the creation of infrared laser diode module is just the greatest innovation part for all kinds of night vision illumination work fields. This is a great creation work on basis of 808nm infrared laser diode tech, on basis of constant innovation and development of more and more practical use of advanced dot aligning device, this infrared laser alignment tool is just developed to make continuous infrared laser dot positioning on various working surfaces. When infrared laser module gets proper equipment with DC input power supply with correct operating voltage, it is just begins to work and generate accurate IR laser dot for all night vision applications.

The use of infrared laser diode module is very simple, but totally different from any other type of visible laser dot alignment tools and manual dot positioning tools etc. It is employing 808nm infrared laser diode, thus it is just projecting invisible IR laser beam and IR laser dot in distance. As a result, this infrared laser alignment tool is just using together with those of night vision devices. For instance, this IR dot laser is just working together with easy installation of CCD camera, black and white camera, and telescope etc. 

Under night vision dot positioning work, infrared laser diode module is just working for accurate IR dot positioning works, including military targeting, telescope observation, hunting gun, and surveillance etc. This infrared laser alignment tool is just an accessory part, while efficient enough to provide a high accuracy IR laser dot positioning for those of night illumination dot positioning works effectively. At the same time, the real IR laser dot targeting is not simply limited for close distance or hand reaching work distance, but always in need of long distance infrared alignment laser dot positioning works effectively.

In order to get accurate enough IR dot positioning in distance, infrared laser diode module is just getting super wide output power range from 5mW to 400mW. Under condition that this infrared laser alignment gets higher output power range of 200mW to 400mW, it is just workable for much longer distance alignment laser dot projection of more than 50 meters to 1000 meters distance. Users should only try to install this infrared laser module on proper night vision device, and take active measures such as wearing a pair of 808nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles until getting secured IR dot aligning use safely.