Not the same other visible blue, blue violet and red laser devices, when laser dot alignment is manufactured from 532nm wavelength, it is always able to get the most sensitive color laser light emitting to human eyes. When users are choosing 532nm green laser diode module, it is always making great work for the most precise dot alignment in military targeting, laser medical treatment device, laser marking machine, garment button positioning etc.

Whatever kind of industrial dot measuring works, green laser diode module gets the most special laser beam transmittance of TEM00. It might get formal result for close work distance. However, once laser dot alignment is processed at quite long work distance or high lighting working environments, green laser alignment still keeps the most wonderful circular light spot positioning, while keeping the brightest laser dot projection on all desired working surfaces.

In order to get quite satisfied dot measuring result, 532nm green laser diode module employs special design of adjustable focus. In front part of laser module tube, after very simple twist, intense green laser beam can be easily focused, forming into a highly concentrated green reference dot on all desired working surfaces. Although sometimes laser dot alignment is processed at very long distance, however, this laser alignment still keeps superior accurate dot measuring result. This green laser diode module gets less than 1mard laser beam transmittance. Under proper laser dot alignment operating rules, on condition of the most precise dot measuring is required, the maximum work distance should be perfectly controlled within 25 meters.

In various precise machinery processing works, green laser diode module might be used in various harsh working environments. However, according to the adoption of anodized aluminum housing material, green laser alignment gets superior thermal conductivity and wide operating temperature stabilization. There might be mechanical shocking or calibration, however, this industrial alignment laser can be easily installed on any required machine or device, generating highly stable and reliable green reference dot targeting perfectly.

For the most important of all, when users are paying high attention to laser beam stability, 532nm green laser diode module adopts the most advanced configuration of APC, ACC electric driving circuit. Although you are choosing 100mw green laser alignment, however, the intelligent feedback system equipped laser dot alignment still keeps stable 100mW output power supply, making sure of highly stable and reliable green alignment laser dot on all desired working surfaces efficiently.