It is just a hard job for users to get a quite satisfied line measurement result unless users are getting a high brightness green line laser alignment. On behalf of the most advanced 532nm green DPSS laser tech, this laser line generator is not any longer used as a playing toy with the most popular color, but getting multiple uses in modern time machine processing works. Green laser line is available with high level of line straightness and fineness, while only if green laser module is correctly selected of both output power and laser lens degree, it is just effective enough to gain high level of accuracy line positioning in all working surfaces successfully.

The use of green line laser alignment is not difficult but just operating easy after its connection with external DC input power supply. It is getting easy design of electrical wire connecting tail parts of both 532nm green laser module and DC input power supply. Within 0.5 meters to 3 meters, this green laser line generator is very easy to install, operation and adjust until getting the most satisfied alignment laser line positioning on all working surfaces successfully.

The use of green line laser alignment is just working as an accessory part of industrial machinery or device, which is installed at quit wide range distance, while merely affected by working environments such as operating distance, height and lighting occasion etc. even high tame working surfaces are very hard to reach, however, green line laser module projects noncontact green laser beam, and noncontact green alignment laser line just allowing quite convenient adjustment of targeting direction until getting the most satisfied line positioning result effectively.

In practical purchasing work of green line laser alignment, majority of users would prefer to choose a laser alignment mounting bracket. It has just made this laser line generator obtain super nice thermal conductivity and perfect flexibility in continuous line alignment work. Green laser module is not an adjustable focus line laser, but just designed with 10cm focusable distance. However, of users have special need of beam focus distance, it is only in need to communicate with laser tech engineer so as to get a quite satisfied line laser module as expected. When this industrial alignment laser is getting correct installation and adjustment of laser line targeting direction, it just makes the most wonderful line alignment perfectly.