No matter what kind of industrial machinery processing work fields, laser tech applied cross laser alignment tool is always playing super wonderful performance than any other manual or mechanical cross line aligning tools. On basis of the most advanced featured laser advantages of good direction, high brightness and good coherence, this cross hair laser is always efficient enough to provide the most precise and accurate two perpendicular blue lines positioning in all high tech work fields. In addition, owing to its high output power from 50mW to 100mW, this cross line laser module should be cautiously operated with high attention to laser safety measures so as to get the most satisfied vertical and horizontal lines alignment efficiently.

The design of blue crosshair laser module is fully obeying its industrial stabilization. Not the same as a very simple blue laser pointer power by alkaline battery, it adopts advanced electric power source providing so as to get continuous blue cross line laser source efficiently. This blue cross laser alignment adopts external DC input power supply, connected with 4.2V DC input power supply, it is always efficient enough to get highly bright and visible laser beam. It is very important for users to select proper operating voltage, otherwise, users cannot get ideal cross line aligning and positioning as expected.

Before high power blue crosshair laser module is available on the market, there are always a lot of strict tests before real available on the market. According to quite strict 24 hours aging preventing, alternative high and low temperature changing test, and super rapid electric adding test, this cross line laser module is just keeping superior stable performance. For the most important of all, it is never a kidding work for users to operating this industrial stabilized alignment laser, but should be cautiously used until getting satisfied cross line alignment as expected.

In a lot of special work fields, such as laser medical treatment devices, laser displaying, and military targeting, blue crosshair laser module might also be used in quite harsh working occasions. However, it is just not the problem since it adopts the most durable anodized aluminum housing material. Whatever kind of industrial cross line alignment work, this blue cross line laser module just keeps superior thermal conductivity, making great work for all harsh occasions as well. Users should always wear proper 445nm wavelength preventing laser safety goggles until getting the most secured cross line alignment efficiently.